Triathlon Events

Triathlon Events 2022

CLOSED: Cotswolds Lake 62 Evening Triathlon 4 of 4
17/08/2022 - Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire
OPEN: Cotswolds End Of Season Standard Triathlon
10/09/2022 - Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire
OPEN: Cotswolds Individual Team Relay Super Sprint Triathlon
11/09/2022 - Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire

LPS Events organises triathlons for athletes of all abilities.  A triathlon is a competition with three events, typically staring with open water swimming, followed by a cycle ride, and then ending with run.

If you’re interested in participating in a triathlon, the chances are that you have already done a road race before, such as a 5km or 10km run or 20km or 40km bike ride. Triathlons function in pretty much the same way. Participants are divided into individual groups based on ability, gender or age.

Whether you are looking for a sprint triathlon or standard triathlon we have events suited to you. If you want to give yourself a challenge whether you are a novice or a professional, why not sign up for an event today.

Companies or individuals looking to have a triathlon event organised by us, please head over to this page: Event Organisers

We organise a number of triathlons including:

• Standard triathlon
• Sprint triathlon
• Pool based triathlon
• Open water triathlon
• Tri stars triathlon, for the kids

Above you will find a list of all triathlon events coming up over the next few months:

Preparing for a Triathlon

Preparation is key. Before attempting a triathlon you need to have a fitness plan worked out. The more preparation you put in leading up the triathlon, the better prepared and fit you will be on the day. Try to aim to be swimming, cycling and running at least twice a week.


On the swimming part of the triathlon you can use any stroke you wish. You can tread water if you need a break or hold onto buoys but you cannot use them to push off from as this would give you an advantage. You cannot wear any swim aids such as flippers, gloves or floats but goggles, and wetsuits, may be worn in some events.


You cannot mount your bicycle until your safety helmet is in place. If your bike breaks down or you have an accident you are allowed to push it or carry it to the end of the cycle section. All equipment such as bikes and clothing must be placed in the transition areas prior to the race beginning. Bikes must be in an upright position.


If you suffer an injury you cannot continue to run or walk, you must leave the marked course until you feel ready to continue.


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