Swimming Events

Swimming Events 2022

OPEN: Cotswolds Lake 62 10km Marathon Swim
21/08/2022 - Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire
OPEN: Cotswolds Lake 62 5km Swim
21/08/2022 - Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire
OPEN: Cotswolds Lake 62 3.8km Swim
21/08/2022 - Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire
OPEN: Cotswolds Lake 62 1.9km Swim
21/08/2022 - Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire
OPEN: Cotswolds Lake 62 1.5km Swim
21/08/2022 - Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire
OPEN: Cotswolds Lake 62 750m Swim
21/08/2022 - Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire

LPS Events organises Swimming events for all abilities.

Companies or individuals looking to have a swimming event organised by us, please head over to the Event Organisers page.

Some of the swimming events we offer include:

• Open water swimming
• Lake swimming
• Lake triathlon
• 750m swim
• 1.5km swim
• 5km swim
• 10km marathon swim

Above you will find a list of the latest swimming events coming up over the next few months:

Swimming Tips

First time swimmers and even seasoned swimmers should be aware of the benefits of eating a healthy balanced diet. By eating healthy food leading up to your swim, you will ensure you have all the energy needed to complete your goals. Good food to eat in preparation for a swimming event includes; baked potatoes, pasta, tuna, beans lean mince, brown rice. Just stay away from food with lots of saturated fat in them.

Swimming Coaching and Training

As well as organising swimming events we can also help athletes of all ages and all abilities looking for training and personal coaching. Training sessions are designed around what you want and what you wish to achieve whether you are a seasoned athlete or a complete novice. We currently have 8 experienced coaches and have coaching event days. To learn more and download our free Training PDFs head over to our training page here. Our blog also has lots of swimming tips.

Before the Swim

Prepare what you need to take to the swim the night before to ensure your stress levels are low on the morning of your swim. The day before the swim, keep exercise to a minimum but do eat little and often and drink plenty of fluids. If you’re taking part in an open water swimming event you will need to ensure you have warm clothing while you wait for your swim to begin.

Day of the Swim

Eating - Don’t swim on an empty stomach. Make sure you have breakfast. If you have a nervous stomach in the morning stick to liquid meals such as smoothies, yoghurts and milkshakes. If the swim is later on in the day make sure you have a light lunch and keep to carbohydrates and protein high food.

Drinking - You should listen to your body and drink before you are thirsty. Ensure you sip water little and often though so you don't drink too much.

Arrive Early - Try and arrive at the race at least an hour before the race. You will need to identify yourself and pick up your number and bib. You may need to use the toilet and of course you will need to warm up.

After the Swim

Your body will need refuelling after the swim so make sure you have something within 30 minutes of finishing. And of course make sure you only eat healthy food which is low of fat but high in carbohydrates and protein.


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