LPS Events - Lake 62 Open Water Swim 2021

Partnership announcement

We are excited to announce our partnership with the charity SwimTayka. We will be releasing SwimTayka spaces for FREE for our Lake 62 Open Water Swim 2021.You will need to contact fundraising@swimtayka.orgfor your  FREE Charity Place Promo Code. 

SwimTayka teaches life skills in swimming and clean water stewardship in disadvantaged areas around the world. Drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional death worldwide. With the majority of the fatalities being under the age of 25 and these deaths are largely preventable. SwimTayka’s mission focuses on improving the lives of several communities by teaching them necessary lifesaving skills and safety precautions around open water. We combine swimming with clean water education to encourage a generation that will be environmental stewards who love, care and respect the nature around them. 

Take part in the Lake 62 Open Water Swim and raise £100 for SwimTayka. 

Just Giving Campaign: https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/Lake62Swim

To Book: https://race-nation.co.uk/register/lps-events-ltd/lake-62-swim


Ever since our very first project took place in Huanchaco, Peru we have received great feedback from volunteers and the locals who are involved in the projects. Each aspect of our programmes has proven valuable to the volunteers and local children alike. A past volunteer of our Peru project stated In the three weeks I spent with Bryan, Quique and the children I saw huge improvements in confidence and ability. I am sure with the extra time and funding Bryan and the team have, the results will be remarkable!

Not only does the success of our programmes bring a heart-warming moment of fulfilment to the SwimTayka team, our partners have said the time we spend running our projects with them is often the most memorable moment of the year.

Being rewarded with the smiles and laughs of the young children as they learn to live safely alongside the water, paired with the knowledge that our work will save lives, is all the motivation we need to continue working towards our future goals in the coming years. We have been able to reach out to over 8,000 children and hope to continue to help many more.