Running Events

Running Events 2022

Devizes 10km Road Race
25/09/2022 - The Green, Devizes
Devizes Half Marathon & Fun Run
02/04/2023 - The Green, Devizes

LPS Events has a great selection of running events for all abilities taking place throughout the year. Whether you’re looking for a full marathon, half marathon or perhaps a 10km or fun run, cross country running also known as off road running, here at LPS Events we have all types of running events to suit you.

If you are looking to have a running event organised by us, please head over to this page: Event Organisers

Some of the running events we offer include:

  • Fun runs
  • 5km run
  • 10km run
  • Distance running
  • Off road running
  • Trail running events
  • Half marathon events
  • Cross country running

Running Tips

First time runners and even seasoned racers can find the days leading up to the race quite stressful. Here are a few tips help you out and prepare you for the run.

Running Coaching/Training

As well as organising running events we can also help those looking for training and personal coaching. Perhaps you are a seasoned athlete looking to improve on times and looking for a training program. Our coaches design their sessions around what you want and what you wish to achieve. We currently have 8 experienced coaches and have coaching event days. To learn more about our coaches and download our free Training PDFs head over to our training page here. Our blog also has lots of running tips to help you along your way.

Before the race

Stick with a routine that works for you. This is not the time to try out new trainers or clothes. Put your feet up and rest for the days leading up to the race. Don’t eat anything too filling the night before the race. Keep to carbohydrates and eat little and often.

Prepare what you need to take to the run the night before; this will keep your stress levels lower on the morning of the run. Remember to prepare a clean set of clothing for after the race.

Race Day

Eating -  Try not to eat anything too heavy within two hours before the race. You don’t want to upset your stomach.Eating a good balance of carbs and protein are a good idea, so fruit such as smoothies are perfect. If you have been training in the weeks leading up to the race you should have a good idea at what works best for you.

Drinking - You need to drink to stay hydrated but try not to drink anything at least half an hour before the start. Many experienced runners often use water to rinse and spit.

Arrive Early - Try and arrive at the race at least an hour before the race. You will need to identify yourself and pick up your number and bib. You may need to use the toilet and of course you will need to warm up. Some events may require longer registration.

Clothing - Wear layers so you can keep warm whilst waiting for the race, you can then take off a layer at the start of the race. You will be cool in the beginning but will soon warm up. Ensure you have the correct footwear. Off road running shoes will be needed for cross country running events.

Goals - It’s good to set goals to aim for. If it is your first race, finishing it would be a goal in itself. For seasoned runners you might have times you wish to beat.

Pace yourself - It is always good to start slow and pace yourself. You don’t want to burn yourself out. Try to keep an even pace and save your energy for the final stretch. 

After the Race

After the race, your first thoughts will be probably to get off your feet and sit down. Your legs will be tired, but if you sit too soon your muscles will tighten up. You also need to get your heart rate back to normal, so keep walking around for about 5 minutes and finish with a couple of minutes of stretching.

There will be snacks and water at the finish line, so once you have warmed down, have some protein and carbs to restock your energy. Next you should change out of the clothes you ran in and put some dry clothes on. Once you stop running your temperature will drop fast and by keeping your sweaty running clothing on will make you cold.

The next day you will probably feel sore and tired. Give your body chance to recover. Don’t go for another run or do anything to physical, but do some kind of gentle activity as this will help to increase circulation and help your muscles recover.

Don’t forget to pat yourself on your back. You did great, you should be proud of yourself.


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