Event Results

Congratulations on making the finish line, below you can find the archive to our events and those we have timed. Our most recent events should be displayed at the top of the list. 

We will upload a provisional set of results as soon as possible on race days, please bear with us as we are out in the field and connection is not always possible. 

See you at the next event, and we hope you enjoyed being part of it...

If you believe your time is incorrect;

  • Results will be provisional when first uploaded, these may not contain a full set of splits (they wil be labeled provisional)
  • Once we have reviewed the results on race day we will remove the provisional label
  • If you have a query relating to the results, please email timing@lpsevents.co.uk within 48 hours of the race date
  • Results will be finalised after this time and no appeals can be made after