Q & A

Q. Where can I find the policies?

A. You can view our policies here, these are agreed to on signing up to the event, which you select during the registration process. 

Terms & Conditions can be viewed here.
Disclaimer can be viewed here.
Equality policy can be viewed here
Opt In policy can be viewed here.
Withdrawal policy can be viewed here.

Q. Will I get a race pack?

A. Unless specified, nothing will be sent out by post, this is to minimise costs and the impact on the environment. All event information will be emailed to you if you have entered the event. The information will also be published to the event page at least 1 week before each upcoming event. Please check our website for details. 

Q. Registration for an event

A. Pre Registering - The Entry Process
You must answer all the registration questions honestly about yourself, otherwise your insurance will be void. Registration will be available through Race Nation (3rd party gateway)
. It is your responsibility to enter your email address correctly and ensure your spam filters are set to receive emails from LPS Events & Race Nation. Any participant which does not receive event information may refer to the LPS Events website.

Event Registering
When registering for the event on the day, you must have photographic identification to confirm your identity or your transaction id number. If you cannot produce either of these, you may not be able to participate. 
If you have entered any event as an affiliate to Triathlon England, UK Athletics, British Cycling or any other NGB, you must produce a valid race licence at registration on the day, if you are unable to do this, you must purchase a day licence at the event. If you cannot produce a valid membership, you will not be covered for the event, meaning you will not be able to participate. 
LPS Events will not refund you for any additional day insurance which you have purchased.

Q. Affiliated or Unaffiliated?

A. If you are a member of UK Athletics (UKA), or Triathlon England you will be able to enter any of our sport events as an affiliated member. You will need to enter your membership number into the entry form. When you turn up on the day of the event, you will need to produce your membership card with matching membership number. If you are unable to do this, you will have to purchase day membership (costing between £2.00 - £5.00). Being a member fo a club does not automatically qualify you for the affiliated option. 

Q. Am I legally covered during an event?

A. We hold our own public liability insurance which covers you in any of our events. Our events are also sanctioned and affiliated with the national governing body.

Q. Is the event sustainable?


A. We make every effort to reduce the environmental impact on the event. All items included within the race pack and finishers mershandise are fully reusable or recyclable. Any single use items at the event will be constructed from partly recycled materals and/or either fully recyclable or compostable. All litter collected at the event is sent to our waste contracters who manually sort through waste to ensure it is full recycled and minimal waste goes to landfill. In addition our pledge from 2022 is to plant a tree for every finisher who crosses the line, helping to reduce our carbon footprint further. 

Q. How do I enter an event?

A. Online entry is only accepted via Race Nation. If you have difficulties in entering please get in touch with LPS Events or Race Nation to assist you. 

Q. Its my first triathlon, what do I wear?

A. For pool swimming, a one or two piece tri suit is usually best, as it is made for swimming, cycling and running, it is quick drying and fairly comfortable. You will need an approved cycle helmet for any stage involving a bike and a suitable pair of shoes for the run element. Any additional kit is optional. 

Q. Do I have to wear a wetsuit for open water events?

A. Not necessarily, our open water events will be determined individually. We will advise you whether wetsuits are compulsory or optional dependant on water temperature when the event information packs are made available. Please note some events may be mandatory based on age. 

Q. Do I have a time allowance to change between disciplines?

A. No, once you start, the clock will keep on ticking until you cross the finish time, any time spent changing, will be counted as your ‘Transition’ time, you should wear a one piece tri uit for a quick transition.

Q. How is the event timed?

A. Unless specified, all events will be electronically chip timed, this means you must wear a timing chip, usually worn on you left ankle. You will be advised for each event - NO CHIP, NO TIME!

Q. Where can I find event results?

A. For each event, the results will be uploaded onto our website within a few hours after the event, go to the results tab to find the results.

Q. How do I find out information about the event venue?

A. For each event we will send out event literature, this will also be uploaded onto the relevant event page.

Q. Is the water safe to swim in for open water?

A. For each open water event, we will have adequate supervision for when you are swimming. The water quality will also be tested professionally, making sure it is safe to swim in.

Our venues since 2012 have been professionally tested by ALS and have passed. Tests will be carried out again before each event.

Q. What is at the event headquarters?

A. This will depend on the event, please see the event literature to find out what is going on.

Q. How many athletes can take part in an event?

A. An entry limit will be set, this will take into account the considerations for parking and also to ensure congestion on the event course is prevented.

Q. Is my helmet suitable for a cycling event?

A. Cycling safety helmets approved by the BSI, ANSI, Snell or equivalent standards authorities must be worn by competitors during any stage of a cycling event.

Q. Can I enter an event on the day?

A. Some of our events you can enter on the day providing there are spaces available, this will be displayed on the event page on our website. Events which do allow day entries will be advertised.

Extra charges will be made for day entries.

Q. What if I think there might be a way to improve something about the event?

A. We would love to hear your feedback, we want you to be actively involved in the event, so if something really doesn't work for you, please let us know, if we don't know about it, we can't change it. Likewise, should you really love a part of the event, let us know!