MF Therapy

All competitors will be able to receive a Sports Massage prior to, and after a race from one of our team of Sports Therapists here at MF Therapy. All of our therapists have qualified with a BSc Sports Therapy degree from Coventry University.

With vast experience seeing private clients, working in Football, Rugby, Mixed martial arts we have provided sports therapy treatments, and specifically sports massage in a multitude of settings.

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a form of deep, soft tissue mobilisation that can be applied in a variety of sporting and non-sporting environments. It utilises a wide variety of techniques such as effleurage, wringing, rolling, kneading, trigger pointing, frictions and tapotement.

Sports massage can be adapted to the needs of the individual, whether it be for sports purposes or to enhance daily performance at home or the workplace. With an increased participation of physical activity and exercise, the demand for sports massage has also increased due to its ability to aid physical performance and recovery.

What are the benefits?

Sports massage is a hands-on manual intervention used to relieve soft tissue tension and aches. Repetitive stress and trauma causes strain on the joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. These strains and muscular imbalances may reduce in pain, discomfort and tightness, along with impeding physical performance in a sporting environment or affecting the day to day. Sports massage has a number of physical, psychological and physiological benefits that include:

-        Reduce muscular tension and soreness

-        Improve joint range of motion

-        Improve local circulation and blood flow

-        Decrease muscle tone

-        Reduce the risk of injury

-        Improve general mobility

-        Promote relaxation

-        Assist in mental preparation for sporting performance