Duathlon Events

Duathlon Events 2022

OPEN: Cotswolds End Of Season Standard Duathlon
10/09/2022 - Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire

LPS Events organises duathlons for athletes of all abilities. A duathlon is a competition that is composed of running and cycling. You start with a run, then transition to a bike, then transition back to running again for the final part of the race.

Sprint Duathlon

Sprint duathlons usually consist of a 5km run followed by a 20km cycle and ending with a 5km run.

Super Sprint Duathlon

Beginners might find a super sprint duathlon more appealing as it involves a 2.5km run followed by a 10km cycle then finishing offer with a 2.5km run. Super sprints duathlons are not just for beginners though, because as the distances are short they are ideal for those wanting to really give it your all.

Companies or individuals looking to have a duathlon event organised by us, please head over to our Event Organisers page.

Above you will find a list of all duathlon events coming up over the next few months. If you want to give yourself a challenge whether you are a novice or a professional, why not sign up for an event today.

Preparing for a Duathlon

The key to success in any sporting event is the right training. Leading up to the race you need to plan weekly rides and runs. You should start training around 12 weeks before the race. The more preparation you put in leading up the duathlon, the better prepared and fit you will be on the day. Try to aim to be riding and running at least twice a week. You should schedule your running and cycling just as you would for fitness classes or the gym. Part of your training should be running straight after a bike ride.

As the day of the duathlon gets closer ensure your bike has been tuned up and is running efficiently.

The general advice is not to start too hard. Novice duathletes should start calmly and save enough energy for the final run. You should always try to think ahead. Never look back and think about the people behind you. Stay focused on what is ahead at all times.

Another tip is to use two pairs of trainers and ensure the second pair is perfectly positioned for the second run in transition.

Duathlon Training and Coaching

As well as organising duathlon events we can also help those looking for training and personal coaching. We currently have several experinced coaches and have coaching event days.  To learn more and download our free training PDFs head over to our training page here.


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